13 Fishing Concept TXZ 7.3:1

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Reel Name: Mono Line Cap. (test/yd): Bearings: Gear Ratio: Max Drag (lb):
13 Fishing Concept TXZ 7.3:1 12/135 10 7.3:1 22


The 13 Fishing Concept TXZ Baitcasting Reels offer never before seen performance and durability. New CZB Comp spool bearings allow anglers to launch casts across the flats like never before. CZB Technology perfectly combines with Black Seal Corrosion Resistant Ball bearings creating the ultimate saltwater bearing set-up. The TXZ offers 22 lb. titanium carbon Bulldog drag, Arrowhead line guide, and patented Beetle Wing Rapid Access side plate. This super low profile reel is the ultimate saltwater bait caster.
  • 10 bearing saltwater system(2 CZB Comp, 2 CZB, 5 Black Seal Corrosion Resistant,1 Dead Stop A/R Bearing)
  • CZB COMP spool and palm cover bearings maximize cast-ability with 100% corrosion resistance
  • High spin spool shaft
  • 22lb titanium bulldog drag
  • Beetle Wing rapid access side plate
  • Arrowhead line Guide System
  • Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection process
  • One piece HD aluminum frame
  • Airfoil carbon side plates
  • Gen 2 Hamai concept gearing
  • Concept 6-Way braking system