Seaguar Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leaders 25 Yards

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When it comes to chasing finicky fish in crazy-clear water, you can't go wrong with the Seaguar® Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leader! Incredibly thin, this saltwater leader is virtually invisible underwater, plus it allows for natural presentations. The soft, supple design means it cinches well, delivering the knot and tensile strength you need to wrestle big saltwater bruisers! Thanks to Seaguar's proprietary co-extrusion method that blends a strong, sensitive fluorocarbon core with a soft, supple fluorocarbon exterior, the Seaguar Gold Label 25 Fluorocarbon Leader delivers the perfect combination of strength, stealth, and suppleness.

  • Super-thin for maximum stealth
  • Allows natural presentations
  • Cinches well for incredible knot strength
  • Blends 2 types of fluorocarbon for a combination of strength and suppleness