Slayer INC SST XL (baby bass)

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The Sinister Swim Tail XL (S.S.T. XL) has been designed with Slayer Inc.'s "Flow Motion" technology for maximum action and vibration. These baits have undergone long and rigorous research by some of the best tournament anglers and charter captains in both fresh and saltwater.

These baits swim and wobble like mad whether they are deep jigged, slowly rolled, twitched, yo-yo'd or just a steady retrieve, enticing even lazy fish to strike! They can be rigged with either the Predator or Destroyer jigheads. They also work great when rigged weedless on our Penetrator series hooks in a 4/0 or 5/0 hook size. The S.S.T. XL will draw agressive strikes from both salt and freshwater species. It catches fish...period!

Sinister Swim Tails are available in a variety of colors suitable for any condition in both fresh and saltwater.

The S.S.T. XL is 4" and weighs 9.4 grams. There are 7 baits per bag packaged in Slayer Inc.'s "special sauce" for added attractant.


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