Sodium Fishing Gear

Sodium started as a mere idea which shortly turned to a reality in 2011. It was a simple concept, to make affordable clothing and gear to represent our small town of Crystal River, FL. Casey Damron was determined to make this small town idea something special. As the brand continued to grow so did the ambition. Once Sodium started to outgrow the pick-up truck beds and sharing small office space with other businesses they decided to open a moderate retail store in Crystal River in 2013. The brand continued to grow with the help of the community around. As the ideas and ambition grew so did the push for a larger location. In September 2014, Sodium moved just right down the road to a larger location to showcase not only the Sodium brand but also the many new brands carried by the Sodium Fishing Gear retail store. From Sept. 2014 to this very date Sodium has pushed to maintain the highest quality and the best customer care.

From the very beginning, none of the growth could have been accomplished without the help of so many supporters and the help of our community that stood behind us the entire way. Thank you all! 


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