BOTE Board Bag

Size: 10'6"
Sale price$299.00


Our BOTE Board Bag is the perfect way to protect your board. With two zippers, handle, shoulder strap, and reflective backing, your board will be protected from all of the elements! Sizes are designed to be form-fitting to Gatorshell and epoxy BOTE paddle boards. Pair your Board Bag size with the length of your BOTE Board. 

  • 10′6″ Board Bag fits all 10′6″ BOTE Boards
  • 12′ Board Bag fits all 12′ BOTE Boards
  • 12′6″ Board Bag fits 12′6″ Traveller Paddle Boards
  • 14′ Board Bag fits all 14′ Traveller and 14′  Rackham Paddle Boards*

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