Buccaneer Bait Company Grouper Rig

Weight: 6oz
Hook: 7/0
Sale price$5.99


If you have never encountered a hungry grouper while fishing, just wait. Grouper will test your gear in countless ways. Grouper are one of the hardest pulling fish pound for pound. That's why you need to have a Bucaneer Grouper Rig. These rigs are made with high quality gear that will handle those trophy grouper. These rigs are crimped instead of knotted to ensure every rig has the strength and durability as the last one you used. They also use a circle hook big enough for any bait you throw. The circle hook also helps reduce gut hooking incidents allowing for a smooth catch and release. There is a pre-tied swivel attatched to the tag end of the leader to cut down on rigging time and increase fishing time. 


  • Proven system for taking bulldogging grouper
  • Hand crafted with top-quality components
  • Premium circle hook
  • Swivel, egg sinker, and colored spacer beads
  • #7/0 hook/6oz led model comes 1 rig to a pack


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