Buggs Fishing Lures Click-Bait Shrimp

Weight: 1/4oz
Color: Natural
Sale price$9.49


What do you get when you downsize the most popular Redfish Bugg? The Flats Bugg, the most versatile Bonefish Bugg in the arsenal! This Bugg can be fished three ways: Rigged with the grub right out of the package the Flats Bugg imitates a small baitfish swimming along the bottom. Remove the grub and you have a slim profile that imitates just about anything a bonefish eats. And if the fishing is really tough? Remove the grub and tip this Bugg with a small piece of bait. It is tied on the Buggs Bonefish Jig Head and will always land hook point up. Ideally suited for sight casting to bonefish, redfish, and everything else you’ll find on the flats that eats small bait. And guess what? Crappie, Kokanee Salmon, and Rainbow and Brown Trout in rivers have eaten this Bugg.


  • Versatile Jig for Bonefish and Redfish
  • Always lands hook point up
  • Tied with a Weed Guard
  • Fish it 3 Ways
  • Flounder Love it As Well
  • 1/8oz model comes 1 to a pack

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