Buggs Fishing Lures Curl-Tail Redfish Jig (2nd Generation)

Weight: 1/8oz
Color: Backcountry
Sale price$9.95


We added a Rattle to the bottom of the jig to help attract fish. We replaced the single tail grub with a Double Tail Grub to give it more action. Finally, we upgraded the weed guard, making it stiffer and more effective in deflecting grass and light cover. Testing has been 100% positive, and we are proud to introduce the New and Improved Curl-Tail Jig! This jig has proven exceptionally effective in blind casting and sight casting situations for Redfish, starting in Texas and Louisiana and extending all the way to Florida and the Carolinas. It starts with the Buggs Redfish Jig Head. The flat bottom design helps it to land softly, hook point up, every time. It also sinks more slowly compared to other jig heads. This makes it very effective for swimming over shallow water flats, and for bumping the jig along the bottom. Every time you twitch the jig as it swims or bump it along, the rattle will produce a click that drives fish nuts! When you let it sink it will land hook point up, and it looks alive just sitting there because of the rabbit strips and the Double-Tail Grub at the back. The grub is secured with a custom screw lock and comes rigged up and ready to fish. The rabbit strips are very durable and give it great action in the water, and there is Krystal Flash and UV flash on the sides. The grub can be easily changed out when the fish tear it up, and can be replaced with a scented plastic as well.


  • Built-in rattle
  • Double tail grub
  • Upgraded weed guard
  • 1/8oz model comes 1 to a pack
  • 1/4oz model comes 1 to a pack

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