Buzbe Standard Customizable Bins

Size: 1x1
Sale price$6.95


BUZBE has made tackle management look good with their customizing capability and clean looks. Choose how to create the perfect tackle box by replacing the original bins in BUZBE boxes with the ones that fit you best. Want a box specifically built for jerk baits? Load it with all 1x3 bins. Want a box strictly for terminal tackle? Fill it with 1x1 bins. Got a bunch of different size baits going into one box? Fill it with some of each BUZBE bin size! The options are endless. 


  • The standard bins fit the standard size BUZBE Colony Boxes (Both the 15 and 28 models).
  • BUZBE bins are made using a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) which is molded into the plastic preventing rust and corrosion. 
  • 1x1 bins come 6 to a pack
  • 1x2 bins come 3 to a pack
  • 1x3 bins come 2 to a pack
  • 1x4 bins come 2 to a pack
  • 2x2 bins come 2 to a pack

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