Bull Bay Stealth Sniper 3 Piece Travel Rod

Length: 7'
Power: Medium (6-12)
Action: Extra Fast
Sale price$209.99


The Stealth Sniper has always been one of best selling inshore rods, now it is also available in a 3-piece travel rod version! Complete with hard travel tube! 

Cast farther and more accurate than ever with our custom designed Stealth Sniper Rod! Enhanced high quality carbon fiber & graphite blended blanks, tangle free guides, and ergonomic light weight grips will change the way you view fishing rods!

Originally designed for those casting artificial baits where distance and accuracy is a must, the Stealth Sniper rod effortlessly casts farther and with less line resistance than ever before due to strategically placed tangle free style guides that allow unparalleled performance.

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