Rio Saltwater Tropical Series Flats Pro Stealth Tip - SALE

Save $65.00

Size: WF10F/I
Length: 100ft/6ft Stealth Tip
Color: Clear/Aqua/Orange/Sand
Sale price$64.99 Regular price$129.99


The very best flats line on the market-perfect for bones, perms, and poons. Built with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance and is available in four densities - Full Floating, 6ft Intermediate Stealth Tip, 15ft Intermediate Tip, and Full Intermediate options.

  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
  • Low-stretch DirectCore for hard, solid strip sets
  • High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
  • Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water

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