Dexter-Russell Dextreme Fillet Knife

Size: 7"
Sale price$42.99


Developed specifically for anglers, the all new Dextreme series features a 2-in-1 blade and an ergonomic handle engineered to deliver great cuts with no compromises. The dual blade enables you to cut through scales without dulling the fillet blade for a more efficient fillet with just one knife! Use the upper Tiger edge to cut through scales and tougher surfaces while preserving the fillet blade's sharpness. Then flip the DEXGRIP™ ambidextrous handle and use the lower blade for precision work. The comfortable, non-slip handle accommodates any hand and finger position for greater control. The 7” blade is perfect for filleting fish such as snapper, cod, haddock, blackfin tuna and more. Sharp, flexible and durable, you’ll find this 2-in-1 knife is all the knife you need.


  • DexSteel: A proprietary high-carbon, high-alloy American stainless steel ensures a sharp, long-lasting edge
  • DexGrip: Comfortable, soft, long-lasting handle accommodates any hand and finger position for greater control and precision
  • DexFlex: "Just right" flexibility ensures that the blade glides over bones and enables easy separation while skinning

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