Estaboga Boga Grip Fish Scale

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Size: 15lb
Sale price$134.95


The BogaGrip is a high quality fish landing, weighing, and handling device. Its easy, one-handed operation allows the angler to grasp a fish's lower jawbone, lift the fish out of the water, take it's weight (up to 60 lbs.), and successfully release it with minimal handling and trauma. The BogaGrip is made of stainless steel and therefore is saltwater resistant, and is made in the USA.


  • Weight of fish causes the prongs to shut even tighter
  • Locking mechanism keeps prongs in tightest position
  • Swivel motion eliminates torque from a spinning fish
  • Shock absorber dampens a fish’s attempt to get free 


  • Model 130: Weighs fish up to 30lbs in 1/2lb increments. (Length: 10-3/4" Weighs: 1lb)
  • Model 315: Weighs fish up to 15lbs in 1/4lb increments. (Length: 9" Weight: 9oz)
  • Model 260: Weighs fish up to 60 pounds in 1-pound increments. Length: 15". Weight: 1-3/4 pounds.

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