MirrOlure Inline Single Hook Kit

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Size: 1/0
Sale price$5.49


MirrOlure has introduced two inline style hook kits which will allow anglers to convert their favorite lure to single hooks. The inline hooks are made of high carbon steel and feature an extra wide gap with a needle sharp hook point for solid “hook ups”. Make life simple when unhooking a fish...go single!


  • All terminal tackle required to convert treble hooks to single inline hooks
  • High carbon steel
  • Extra wide gap hook
  • Model HK1/0, FITS: 16MR, CS16MR, 17MR, C17MR, CS17MR, 18MR, 19MR, 22MR, CS22MR, C36MR

  • Model HK2/0, FITS: 20MR, C20MR, 26MR, C27MR, CS27MR, 74MR, 75MR, 83MR, 84MR, C85MR

All models come with the following:

  • 8 single inline hooks
  • 2 different size split rings 8 for each size

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