MirrOlure Lil John XL

Size: 4.25in
Color: Electric Chicken
Sale price$5.99


The shape that will fool you! Like the tournament proven Lil John™ this "secret weapon" will be in every anglers bag of special baits. Lil John™ XL is infused with a special shrimp scent which draws in those trophy fish. Lil John's™ XL tube-shape body allows for great action and it's added weight means longer casts. Special features include a pocket, which allows anglers to rig the lure weedless or fish with a keel-weighted hook. Excellent for Trout, Redfish, Snook and Flounder.


  • The Lil John XL's body features a pocket design that allows anglers to rig the lure weedless
  • 4.25in model comes 6 to a pack

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