Nomad Design Maverick

Model: 115
Color: Holo Ghost Shad
Sale price$16.99


The Maverick 115 is a unique floating stickbait, surface walker and popper all in one lure. There are so many ways to use this unique lure. It can be used with a long slow pull as a swimming stickbait with bubble trail, twitched on the surface, used as a walk the dog lure and also used as a subtle popper. It is best when worked slow, and has a huge wobble and roll at very slow speeds. Ideal for any predatory fish that can be caught on a surface lure, and with the variety of retrieves, is super fun to fish. The bubble chambers on the side add turbulence when retrieved adding to the already dynamic action.


  • Comes fitted with BKK super sharp treble hooks
  • It is an ideal lure for bass, muskie, snook, tarpon, striped bass, redfish and many other predatory species

Mav115F Model:

  • Body Length: 4.5in
  • Weight: 3/4 oz.
  • Running Depth: Floating


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