Owner Reef and Rig Hook

Size: 2/0
Quantity: 8
Color: Black Chrome
Sale price$11.99


Reef and Rig Circle hook, available in the exclusive Owner “Reef and Rig” Packs, are designed for presenting large baits to big, strong game fish.  An in-line, non-offset hook point is angled 90° to the XX-strong shank.  Made from high carbon steel so they will “rust out” if left in a fish, unlike stainless steel.  Features include a forged “hangnail” point and corrosion-resistant black chrome finish.  Meets all Gulf State and Federal bottom fishing regulations.


  • In-line, nonoffset point is set at a 90-degree angle
  • Forged hangnail point
  • Used to present large baits to big, strong fish
  • XX-strong shank


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