Shimano Calcutta Conquest Casting Reel

Model: CTCNQ200A
Sale price$599.99


The benchmark in smoothness, precision and pure power, Shimano designed the new Calcutta Conquest to be the pinnacle in performance. While the Calcutta Conquest 100 and 200 may look like classics, these iconic reels incorporate many of Shimano's flagship technologies for those anglers demanding the best. The new Calcutta Conquest features Infinity Drive — a first for Shimano to include this technology in a bass reel — to provide anglers with increased winding power under load. Simply put, the compact 100-size defies resistance and heavy loads with ease for extreme angler benefit. The MGL Spool III increases an angler's arsenal of techniques, allowing for casting of an even greater variety of lures while also providing greater casting distance and precision with even less effort. Additional premium features include SilentTune and MicroModule Gears, paired together to create an experience of absolute precision with every handle turn. Built for anglers who prefer a classic look while demanding the pinnacle in performance, the new Calcutta Conquest sets a new precedence.

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