Swobbit Cleaning Brush

Stiffness: Extra Soft
Sale price$36.95


Our premium cleaning brushes are made of high quality poly blocks and flared bristles. Our brushes are perfect for a variety of cleaning surfaces ranging from teak and non-skids to general and delicate surfaces. We use corrosion resistant staples and wrap around safety bumper to protect surrounding objects. Whether boats, auto, RV or aviation, our cleaning brushes make protecting your investment, a simple one.

Designed and constructed with quality in mind, we’re bringing innovative ideas and products to the market. And changing the way people spend their time and money, in maintaining their investments.

Choose the Right Cleaning Brushes

Deciding on the right application for you? You can select from a variety of cleaning brushes that ensure you’re getting the best quality and cleaning.

Here at Swobbit, we understand importance of not only high quality products, but the ease in using them. If you’re interesting in learning more about our soft washing tools as well as our other products.


  • Different stiffness options for different uses
  • High quality poly blocks and flared bristles
  • Corrosion resistant

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