Tsunami Sabiki Rigs

Hook Size: 6
Bead Color: Natural Hage/Kawa Green Glow
Sale price$1.99


Tsunami Guide Series Sabiki Rigs are the ultimate tool for catching bait in both inshore and offshore waters! Nothing catches big fish like live bait, and these sabiki rigs are equipped with six razor sharp dressed hooks to catch baitfish like herring, sardines, mackerel, spot, goggle eye, blue runner, and much more. Sizes 3 through 6 rigs are tied with a 13lb test monofilament main line and 7lb test branch lines, while size 8 rigs are tied with a 17lb test monofilament main line and 10lb test branch lines. Hook size increases as the rig size value increases (size 3 has the smallest hooks, size 8 has the largest).

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