Water Gremlin Rubbercor Sinker

Weight: 1/4oz
Color: Unpainted
Sale price$1.99


Water Gremlin Rubbercor Lead Sinkers are used for many angling situations. No tying, no line damage, just give the rubber ears a twist. Rubbercor is held safe and snug on the line to take your bait down to where the fish are biting. These weights are premium quality. These weights are offered in small plastic resealable packs.


  • Slips easily on and off your line
  • Your line is protected by the rubber core inside the lead sleeve. There's no tying, no pinching, no fuss, no mess

Quantities Per Pack:

  • 1/4oz model comes 5 to a pack
  • 3/8oz model comes 4 to a pack
  • 1/2oz model comes 3 to a pack
  • 3/4oz model comes 3 to a pack
  • 1oz model comes 2 to a pack
  • 1-1/2oz model comes 2 to a pack

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